VINYASA YOGA by Michelle

VINYASA YOGA by Michelle


Vinyasa yoga to me is a way to let our breath lead the body, in such a way that we effortlessly come into a flow. Some also call this a practice of moving meditation. It's a practice of ease, nurture and acceptance of where we are right now. It's a great tool for anyone who's interested in experiencing the essence of themselves, by simply breathing and moving mindfully.


Hi, my name is Michelle and I'm teaching Vinyasa yoga classes on every Saturday, except for the 1st Saturday of the month. Each class will be surrounded by a theme, such as self-love, forgiveness, playfulness and many more. I will be guiding you through the practice with personal cues and if needed, safe and simple adjustments. At the end, I'll share with you a song that I've written myself.


You don't need to have any yoga experience to join the class. All you need is yourself and your willingness to step on the mat.


I hope to see you soon!






Practical Info:

  • Classes: every Saturday 10:00-11:30am (except for the 1st Saturday of every month)
  • Classes are in English and cost €8,50 per class (first class FREE)
  • Wear comfortable clothes


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